Kick off meeting

The kick-off meeting was held on 25 May 2020 with the main stakeholders in attendance, Eu Delegation to BiH (EUD), Ministry of Transport and Comunications od RS (MoTC RS) and PC Motorways of RS (PC MoRS). The Ministry of Communications and Transport of BiH (MoCT BiH) authorised Ministry of Transport and Communications of RS to participate at the meeting and act on their behalf.

Due to COVID 19 restrictions all participants were connected online (remotly) from their most convenient home/office base locations.

The meeting was organised with the purpose to:
  • Make an introduction between the EUD, the consortium led by CESTRA, the Beneficiary and the Stakeholders;
  • Present project background and update;
  • Present the scope, team organisation;
  • Present detailed workplan for the Inception Phase;
  • Discuss management and administration issues such as approval; meeting, communication; and
  • Any other business in relation to this assignment.
Representatives of the MoTC RS and PC MoRS have joined the meeting from the same location, and due to technical difficulties were only able to follow the Project presentation and active speakers but not to participate directly in discussion. Their views and comments were recorded just after the meeting, via telephone communication, and are included in the minutes of Kock-off-meeting.

After the project presentation it was pointed out it is not common practice to organise Kick-off meeting online, via teleconference, without possibility of interactions between participants, as usual meeting concept. With consideration some participants are not able to participate as active speakers, and encouraging calming of the situation with COVID 19 and announced relaxation of travel restrictions, it was suggestion to consider the specific meeting as a formal pre-kick-off meeting with an idea of organising a regular meeting with the participants in the following weeks.

1st Project Steering Committee Meeting

Following the nomination of the members of the Project Steering Committee project team, together with the Beneficiary (PC Motorways Republic of Srpska), has organized 1st PSCM. Due to restrictions caused by COVID-19 1st PSCM has been organized through teleconference on 30th of December 2020. Project team has presented activities and achievement during the previous project implementation period and the project outputs. Project team highlighted topics of the importance for the further project development and presented plan for next period.  

2st Project Steering Committee Meeting

2nd PSCM has been organized through teleconference on 9th of April 2021. Progress in last 6 months period has   been discussed among present representatives from the   PC Motorways Republic of Srpska and EU Delegation. In   addition, project team has presented project   implementation risks and provided plan for following   6 months.

Submission of the Preliminary Design

Project team has developed and submitted Preliminary Design for Banja Luka Bypass motorway section on 14th of October 2021. Project documentation included elaboration of the design for 17km of the motorway with 4 interchanges, 3 tunnels, 11 viaducts, 10 overpasses and 12 bridge structures on interchanges.  

3rd Project Sterring Committee Meeting

Following the completion of activities planned for the period May – November 2021, 3rd PSCM was organized on 21st of December 2021 in CESTRA’s project office in Banja Luka. Representatives from the Ministry of Physical planning, Civil Engineering and Ecology and Ministry for Transport and Communication and PC Motorways Republic of Srpska were informed by the project team on project progress in the last interim period. Project team has presented activities on coordination with the parallel projects (Motorway Banja Luka – Prijedor and Road Banja Luka – Ugar – Lasva on SEETO Route 2a). Update of the project implementation risks and proposed mitigation measures has been discussed and plan for following period presented by the project team.

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